Advisory Services of HRI

  1. Analysis and Audits of personnel policies and recommendations:
    • Assessment of effectiveness of the use of human resources in the organization and proposing how business result could be improved without employing additional employees,
    • Assessment of effectiveness and quality of internal communication and proposing ways of improvement,
    • Diagnosis of employee motivation and engagement and recommendations on the ways to improve it,
    • Assessment of readiness of the managerial staff and employees to organizational change and development of organizational change and communication road map,
    • Diagnoses of HR risks and recommendations on theeffective risks management.


  1. Design and Management of compensation policy in the company:
    • Preparing job analysis and job description,
    • Job evaluation, design of the job hierarchy and pay ranges,
    • Design of company salary policy based on results of salary surveys and pay market trends ,
    • Design of benefits systems adjusted to market trends, company capabilities and expectations of employees,
    • Design of incentives systems based on measuring business results and employee contribution which are building the market value of the company and will contribute to increased engagement of employees.


  1. Managing of the company growth
    • Design of HR Strategy allowing to face key challenges in the area of Human Resources Management,
    • Design systems for Management By Objectives and Performance Management supporting implementation of the company strategy,
    • Design of the engagement building programs and initiatives aimed at building trust and effective cooperation across the company,
    • Diagnosis and transformation of the organizational culture to support implementation of the company strategy,
    • Change management implementation – design jobs, structures, policies and practices within the people management area which should help the organization to achieve sustainable results of the change process.


  1. Development of employee skills and attitudes:
    • Carrying out managerial Staff and employees training needs,
    • Implementation of training and development programs,
    • Development of employees skills and job effectiveness thanks to effectively designed Action Learning programs,
    • Workshop facilitations,
    • Creative and design sessions with the use of various types of system thinking