Career coaching

Do you do a job that is not your passion?
Do you want to change the direction of your career, but you are not sure how?
Come to us, experienced advisors/headhunters, for individual coaching!

  • we will review your current career, suggest what to change to further develop professionally with the best use of the existing potential and your interests,
  • we will determine your strengths, create a Map of competence and a specific Plan of further action

The workshops will help you find you dream job!

Our offer is also addressed to an institutional client. You can choose from a range of modules.

What Our Candidates Say About Us:

“I have never known how to present myself properly at a job interview. This training made job interviews stress free for me. I do recommend HRI individual consulting.”

“The meeting with the HRI Personal Advisor was very effective. The headhunter shared with me knowledge that I used during my interviews with a future employer. I was well prepared for the interview and got the job.”

“I was looking for a job, but to no avail. A friend recommended HRI Poland Individual Consulting to me. The consultant trained with me various types of interviews. I successfully applied all the tips I got in interviews with my current employer.”