Trained employees are today the most important factor in competitive advantage in the market. Human Resources International Polska offers training services to assist Clients in raising the qualifications and developing the competences of their employees.
All training programmes are prepared on the basis of earlier detailed diagnosis of training requirements and are designed to provide knowledge and skills in particular areas specified by the Client. These “made-to-measure” programmes are developed in close cooperation with specialists who work with us on a regular basis and are respected trainers and lecturers with years of experience in a variety of sectors. We aim to provide practical and effective enhancement of the key skills used by particular participants in training courses and to impart knowledge of the newest and most important relevant information and solutions.
We are flexible and avoid taking a schematic approach and so the length of any particular training course is adapted to suit its subject matter, the number of participants and the individual desires of our business partners.
Our training courses are closed to outsiders so the trainer concentrates solely on employees of the Client’s firm.
Our objective is for our training courses to increase significantly the knowledge and competences of participants and thus help them achieve still greater success in their professional work. Experience of our courses has already convinced many firms of our professionalism and efficiency.