What we do

Agreeing the Basis for Working Together

  • Analysis of the Client’s requirements and objectives
  • establishment of the scope of work to be performed and of how HRI will work with the Client,
  • specification of the deadline for completion of the project – for recruitment projects on average about four weeks from the date of signature of the contract,
  • after detailed discussion of the project definition of the fee and payment conditions, and
  • establishment of a guarantee on recruitment services of from three to twelve  months.

Stages of the Recruitment Process

  • Discussion with the Client of description of the position and the profile of the ideal Candidate,
  • definition of search strategy and recruitment method,
  • initial selection on the basis of documents received and telephone interview,
  • conduct of structured interviews with all potentially appropriate Candidates (confirmation of biographical data, assessment of Candidates’ competences and professional potential, examination of Candidates’ motivation),
  • if the Client so desires, conduct of psychological tests or Assessment Centre study so as to examine selected competences of the Candidate,
  • preparation of detailed confidential reports containing descriptions of professional experience, evaluations of qualifications, and general psychological profiles,
  • despatch to the Client of a set of documents prepared to HRI Polska’s standards, comprising CVs together with reports and a short list of recommended Candidates
  • organisation of presentations of selected Candidates, with from three to five Candidates being presented for a position
  • at the Client’s request, taking up of references, and
  • optionally, if the Client desires, participation in negotiations on employment of a Candidate.